About us

An Organisation for Collection, Preservation and Research of Coins

The Numismatic Society of Calcutta welcomes numismatists of all ages, beginner and expert alike. Membership of the Society is open to all persons across the world with a genuine interest in numismatics, and to appropriate institutions. Join the thousands of members who are already taking advantage of the NSC programs and services to become more knowledgeable and confident collectors.

Numismatic Society of Calcutta works on the below mentioned motives.

1. Collection

The society aims at encouraging the habit of collecting preserving and studying of coins, bank notes and other ancient medium of exchanges.

2. Exhibition

Here collectors and scholars meet, study and exhibit coins and discuss relevant points.

3. Knowledge

While collectors of coins, who may not always be experts in numismatics get the benefit of the knowledge of seasoned numismatics and historians. The historians, who may not necessarily be collectors, get opportunities for inspecting newly acquired coins. Thus the members educate one another.

Our Emblem

The Emblem represents some well-known symbols and mintmarks of ancient, early-medieval, medieval and British- Indian coins enclosed within a heptagonal area adopted from the design of rupee-coin, which itself may have been influenced by the heptagonal English coin of Queen Elizabeth II.

The three-language inscription in the emblem, The Numismatic Society of Calcutta indicate that, our Society is proud to have seen the light of the day in Calcutta- the premier city in Eastern India, our interests and activities embrace the whole of India, and aspire to reach out and touch the wider world.

In short, the Emblem reflects the scope of the society’s quest for knowledge of Numismatics, which covers the whole gamut of Indian history – from the ancient to the modern, and yet does not overlook those of other regions. Sri Pankaj Sarkar designed the emblem with the thoughts and direction of Prof. Roma Neogi.


The city of Kolkata plays the pioneering role for numismatic research in India. Scientific numismatic research started at the Asiatic Society more than two centuries ago. The first such research publication is available in the second volume of the Asiatic research in 1790, where information on Roman coins and medals were discussed.

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